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Jana Herwig

KiWi Joint Work Package Meeting in Prague

So here we go again, the KiWi and me: Today, tomorrow and Friday I am in Prague with my colleagues Andreas BlumauerAndreas Blumauer has studied business informatics at Vienna University of Economics and Business and at Vienna University of Technology and has obtained a Master's degree in business studies. He started his career in 2001 as software developer for financial services organisations. In 2001 he was ... and Matthias Samwald, attending the first Joint Workpackage Meeting in the EU-funded project KiWi – Knowledge in a Wiki. The present meeting is hosted by Sun Microsystems – Josef Holy and Inka Havlova gave us a very warm welcome, but thankfully the Sun offices are the direct opposite, namely perfectly chilled on this hot June day:-)

The day started with Sebastian Schaffert, project coordinator from Salzburg Research, giving us an overview of the actitivies of the first quarter in the project and a primer on the objectives of the meeting. The overall concern of this full meeting, in order to align core developments of the project early on, is to develop a common understanding of the functionalities and behaviour of the KiWiEU-funded project combining the wiki philosophy with methods of the Semantic Web, aiming to develop a new approach to knowledge management. ( system, to define a core data model and to develop an outline for the upcoming dissemination plan.

An IT project is like herding cats, they say – in our case, we’ll be herding kiwis, and if we can enjoy it only half as much as these guys, I’ll be fine:-)

The first session is coming up: Peter Axel Nielsen’s report from Work Package 5, i.e. the usecase developed by Logica and Aalborg University. More updates coming up soon!

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