The Semantic Puzzle

Pascal Hitzler

New Textbook: Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies

Foundaqtions of Semantic Web TechnologiesHolding the printed version of our new book in hand – that’s quite a sense of achievement: Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2009. And I think we made a difference with this book, since it not only provides intuitive introductions to RDF(S), OWL 1+2, RIF, SPARQL, but also an in-depth treatment of the formal semantics (including tableau algorithms) – plus applications, tools, a bit on ontology engineering, OWL+Rules, conjunctive queries, and exercises+solutions. Ready-to-use for self-study or teaching. We will also collect slides on the book webpage.

Since our German book has become a widely used textbook for university courses in the German speaking countries, we expect no less from the new book: The didactic rationale is basically unchanged, but we cover much more material, and have obviously brought the contents up to date.

And we’ve already found a first typo: The heading to Section 1.4 reads: “Semanic Web Technologies.” Is that a Freudian Slip?

Pascal Hitzler