The Semantic Puzzle

Andreas Blumauer

Going to SEMTECHBIZ Berlin 2012

I went to London last September to visit SemTechBiz UK to represent the Semantic Web Company and PoolParty technologies in the exhibition area of this excellent conference. I had tons of interesting talks at our booth and – although I never found time to visit any talk – I have learned again a lot about customer´s needs.

Compared to ISWC or ESWC, two other major conferences in the area of semantic web, SemTechBiz is clearly the place to go if you´re interested in semantic web applications. Especially in the last three years we have observed a continuous growth of acceptance and demand for semantic web technologies in various industries. For many information professionals and IT managers it has become clearer than ever before that semantic web applications can solve several well-known problems in the areas of enterprise search, data integration, business intelligence and knowledge management.

Thus it was great news for us to have another SemTechBiz conference in place – this time in Berlin, which is one of the most vibrant cities in the world when it comes to innovative web technologies like linked data or open data. And again we will “explore how semantic solutions and linked data are being embraced throughout companies across a diverse range of disciplines and business categories”.

We hope to meet you at SemTechBiz Berlin 2012 (February 6-7) – PoolParty Team is present as Gold Sponsor and is looking forward to meeting you in the exhibition area to talk with you about your semantic web applications.

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