The Semantic Puzzle

Andreas Blumauer

Re-vamped PoolParty Knowledge Discoverer has been released

PoolParty team has released a brandnew version of its knowledge discoverer to showcase the power of knowledge models in combination with linked data and text mining.

First of all: PoolParty Knowledge Discoverer is more about collecting context information about documents which deal with domain-specific ‘things’ like persons, places, companies etc. than a search engine in a ‘classical’ sense.

PoolParty Knowledge Discoverer

Don´t expect to find a pizzeria in your neighbourhood with this kind of tool. If you want to build a similar tool like this, take a look at the PoolParty product family.

How does it work?

Provide some text either by

  • typing your topic or
  • by retrieving text from a URL or
  • by entering a text directly into the editor

PoolParty will analyse your text.

Now you will get smart recommendations and context information:

  • related contents from Wikipeda
  • categories related to the text
  • images related to the text
  • tags relevant for the text

For example: If you want to get a quick overview over an interesting article of ‘The Guardian’ about open data, just click on the bookmarklet which can be installed to use the Knowledge Discoverer instantly, and you will be redirected to the following page.

The tool is a blueprint for many use cases in different sectors, here are some examples:

  • find relations between open positions and applicants in your recruiting database
  • find those pieces of your technical documentation which are related to a concrete description of a customer´s problem
  • save time when analysing new markets by collecting and linking information about your target market from different databases

Interested? Wanna see how this could work in established platforms like Confluence? Come to Atlassian Summit or SemTechBiz (both to be held in San Francisco) next week and visit us at the PoolParty booth!