We are very happy that our “Escape from the silos to the Semantic Web”-T-Shirts make their way around the globe. Leobard and Ben Adrian at DFKI:

Our collection of high quality T-shirts, longsleeves and bags includes brand names like Distressed, American Apparel, Hanes and Promodoro. Browse our SWC shop items here.

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Choosing the right size can be a bit tricky when shopping online – that’s why we’ve created this little ‘team in style’ page with info about t-shirt type and dress size:

American Apparel, Black Promodoro
American Apparel, black, size L Promodoro, black and white, size XL
Continental Organic Distressed, M
Continental Organic, red, size M Distressed, green, size M
American Apparel, Green American Apparel, Black, XL
American Apparel, green, size S American Apparel, black, size XL

Leobard and Ben Adrian at DFKI