Andreas Koller

Ensure data consistency in PoolParty

Semantic Web Company and its PoolParty team are participating in the H2020 funded project ALIGNED. This project evaluates software engineering and data engineering processes in the context of how these both worlds can be aligned in an efficient way. All project partners are working on several use cases, which shall result in a set of detailed requirements for combined software and data engineering. The ALIGNED project framework also includes work and research on data consistency in PoolParty Thesaurus Server (PPT). Continue reading

Andreas Koller

Semantic Web and Drupal

Yesterday I was at a meeting of the Drupal Austria Community at the Nelsons/TU Vienna. Drupal is a powerful free open source CMS written in PHP. We talked about the semantic web and how to integrate semantic technology into Drupal as a module. Our special guest was Stéphane Corlosquet from Deri Galway. Straight away he came from the airport to join our meeting at half past 9 pm. After having a short dinner (a fast hamburger) he presented us his thougts about how Drupal data could be described in RDF. In the attached diagram you can see the current Drupal data structure and the proposed RDF schema

Drupal RDF Schema
But how could this be realized? Which framework would fit the intended requirements? A possible solution could be ARC. ARC is a flexible RDF system for semantic web and PHP developers an easy RDF and SPARQL for LAMP systems. Stephane told us that he is just at the beginning of testing ARC for its usefulness for achieving the desired goals. I’m curious what the output of the planned architecture using ARC will be. Could Drupal, in combination with the RDF module, be the CMS killer application? I’m sure these guys are on the right way. Thank you all guys for this very pleasant evening yesterday. Hope to see you again soon.