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NLP2RDFFramework that integrates multiple NLP tools and linguistic ontologies in order to explicate implicit meaning of natural language by means of RDF/OWL descriptions. (, FOX, LInk discovery framework for MEtric SpacesLIMES is a link discovery framework for the Web of Data. It implements time-efficient approaches for large-scale link discovery based on the characteristics of metric spaces. It is easily configurable via a web interface. It can also be downloaded as standalone tool for carrying out link ..., Axel-C. Ngonga Ngomo, Sebastian Hellmann, Semi-Automatic Instance MatcherSAIM (pronounced like “same”) allows to interlink knowledge bases in the Semantic Web. It focuses on instance matching of very large knowledge bases available as SPARQL endpoints. SAIM uses machine learning techniques and is compatible with SILK. (, University of Leipzig, Institute for Applied InformaticsFounded in 2006, the InfAI – Institute for Applied Informatics e.V. – pursues the promotion of science and research in the areas of computer science and business computing for the public good. The InfAI is a recognized adjunct institute of the University of Leipzig. (, AKSW BlogThe shared AKSW blog about our projects and the Semantic Web (, DBpediaDBpedia is a project aiming to extract structured information from the information created as part of the Wikipedia project. This structured information is then made available on the World Wide Web. DBpedia allows users to query relationships and properties associated with Wikipedia resources, ..., SCMS, OntoWikiSemantic Wiki providing support for agile, distributed knowledge engineering scenarios. OntoWiki facilitates the visual presentation of a knowledge base as an information map, with different views on instance data. It enables intuitive authoring of semantic content, with an inline editing mode ..., Norman Heino, OREThe ORE (Ontology Repair and Enrichment) tool allows for knowledge engineers to improve an OWL ontology by fixing inconsistencies and making suggestions for adding further axioms to it. (, Sören Auer, Jens Lehmann, DL-LearnerTool for supervised Machine Learning in OWL and Description Logics. The DL-Learner software learns concepts in Description Logics (DLs) from user-provided examples. Equivalently, it can be used to learn classes in OWL ontologies from selected objects. It extends Inductive Logic Programming to ..., TriplifyPlugin for Web applications, which reveals the semantic structures encoded in relational databases by making database content available as RDF, JSON or Linked Data. (, ALIGNED Project

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Research institutesThe Research Group hosted by the Chair of Business Information Systems (BIS) of the Institute of Computer Science (IfI) / University of Leipzig as well as the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI). It consists of the three subgroups Emergent Semantics, Machine Learning and Ontology ...

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