Anja Jentzsch

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Research Associate at the Free University of Berlin. (

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Silk Link Discovery FrameworkThe Silk framework is a tool for discovering relationships between data items within different Linked Data sources. Data publishers can use Silk to set RDF links from their data sources to other data sources on the Web. (, Free University of BerlinFreie Universität Berlin is one of the leading research universities in Germany and distinguishes itself through its modern and international character. Freie Universität Berlin is the largest of the three universities in Berlin. Research at the university is focused on humanities and social ..., DBpediaDBpedia is a project aiming to extract structured information from the information created as part of the Wikipedia project. This structured information is then made available on the World Wide Web. DBpedia allows users to query relationships and properties associated with Wikipedia resources, ..., Linking Open Drug DataLinking various sources of drug data together to answer interesting scientific and business questions. (

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