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Open source Java framework for extracting full-text content and metadata from various information systems (e.g. file systems, web sites, mail boxes) and the file formats (e.g. documents, images) occurring in these systems. Aperture is distributed under a BSD-style license. (http://www.aduna-software.com/technology/aperture)

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AdunaSoftware company focused on development of tools for the Semantic Web initiating and driving the Sesame (RDF triple stores) project. (http://www.aduna-software.com), BSD licenseThe phrase BSD licenses represents a family of permissive free software licenses. The original was used for the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), a Unix-like operating system after which the license is named. The original owners of BSD were the Regents of the University of California because ..., German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence

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Query tools

Linked data frontend for Aperture.