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Ars Technica, Latin for "Art of Technology", is a technology news and information website created by Ken Fisher and Jon Stokes in 1998. It publishes news, reviews and guides on issues such as computer hardware and software, science, technology policy, and video games. Ars Technica is known for its features; long articles that go into specific detail on their subjects. Many of the site's writers are postgraduates, and some work for research institutions. Articles on the website are often written in an opinionated tone, as opposed to a journal. Ars Technica was privately owned until May 2008 when it was sold to Condé Nast Digital—the online division of Condé Nast Publications. Condé Nast purchased the site along with two others for $25 million dollars, and added it to their Wired Digital group that also includes Wired News and Reddit. The website's staff relocated to Chicago, Illinois, and also have offices in San Francisco, California. The cost of operating Ars Technica has always been funded primarily by online advertising. The website generated controversy in 2009 when it experimentally blocked users who use advertisement blocking software from viewing the site. Ars Technica has also offered a paid subscription service since 2001.

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Condé Nast PublicationsCondé Nast is a worldwide magazine publishing company. Its main offices are located in New York, Chicago, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, London and Paris. Condé Nast is run by S.I. Newhouse Jr, and is a division of Advance Publications, who have owned the company since 1959., Chicago

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