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IndexingAutomatic indexing is the ability for a computer to scan large volumes of documents against a controlled vocabulary, taxonomy, thesaurus or ontology and use those controlled terms to quickly and effectively index large document depositories. As the number of documents exponentially increases ...

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CA ManagerFramework for creating customized workflows for semantic annotation of content. Content annotation is stored in the RDF format. In addition to content annotation, CA Manager supports the ontology enrichment process by proposing new terms and facts to update and enrich terminologies, taxonomies ..., PoolParty Semantic SuiteWeb based ontology manager which can serve as a central hub for your knowledge organization. With PoolParty you can organize and maintain knowledge models based on widely accepted specifications like RDF, SPARQL and SKOS., SemaphoreSemantic platform consisting of three sub-systems, Ontology Management Services, Content Classification Services, Search Enhancement Services. (, Synaptica Indexing Management System, Profium Metadata ServerCollects data coming from multiple sources in diverse formats, and organizes it in a centralized database. By exploiting semantic technologies, the system lets the user access the data based on its meaning rather than search word occurrence. (, M.A.I., T2, Semantic Studio

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