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Desktop program to create and edit term or concept based vocabularies, concept schemes, ontologies, data definitions, taxonomies and thesauri. Can publish to and synchronize with one or more Lexaurus Banks. Format independent and currently supporting SKOS, VDEX, XVD, ESD Toolkit and Zthes. (http://www.vocman.com/lexauruseditor)

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Simple Knowledge Organisation SystemSimple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) is a family of formal languages designed for representation of thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies, subject-heading systems, or any other type of structured controlled vocabulary. SKOS is built upon RDF and RDFS, and its main objective is to ..., Vocabulary Management GroupSoftware and consultancy company situated in Bedford (GB ) developing solutions for the creation, management and dissemination of digital vocabularies and similar structured information. (http://www.vocman.com), Lexaurus BankVocabulary server that provides an online repository for publishing and managing controlled vocabularies. Lexaurus Bank facilitates importing, editing and cross-mapping of all forms of structured vocabulary, including taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies, to enable collaborative creation of new, ..., Zthes, IMS VDEX

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Thesaurus management system

Linked data frontend for Lexaurus Editor.