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Synonyms: PoolParty, PoolParty 4, PoolParty 5

Web based ontology manager which can serve as a central hub for your knowledge organization. With PoolParty you can organize and maintain knowledge models based on widely accepted specifications like RDF, SPARQL and SKOS.

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SesameSesame is a fast and scalable RDF database. It serves as one of the building blocks of the Semantic Web (a.k.a. 'Web 3.0'). Sesame is based on open standards developed by W3C and is available under a liberal Open Source license (BSD). (http://www.aduna-software.com/technology/sesame), Virtuoso Universal ServerVirtuoso Universal Server is a middleware and database engine hybrid that combines the functionality of a traditional RDBMS, ORDBMS, virtual database, RDF, XML, free-text, web application server and file server functionality in a single system. Rather than have dedicated servers for each of the ..., OWLIM, LOD2 technology stack, Helmut Nagy, Jürgen Jakobitsch, Alexander Kreiser, Simple Knowledge Organisation SystemSimple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) is a family of formal languages designed for representation of thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies, subject-heading systems, or any other type of structured controlled vocabulary. SKOS is built upon RDF and RDFS, and its main objective is to ..., punkt. netServicespunkt. netServices GmbH has offered services and products since 1998. The company is head-quartered in Vienna/Austria and currently employs 15 persons. The key aspects of activity are: * Search Engines & Knowledge Portals * Wikis & Communities * Semantic Web & Textmining Our ..., Faceted search, Andreas BlumauerAndreas Blumauer has studied business informatics at Vienna University of Economics and Business and at Vienna University of Technology and has obtained a Master's degree in business studies. He started his career in 2001 as software developer for financial services organisations. In 2001 he was ..., Semantic Web Company GmbHThe Semantic Web Company (SWC), based in Vienna, provides companies, institutions and organizations with professional services related to the Semantic Web, semantic technologies and Social Software, PoolParty DemozoneTag and Content Recommender Online Demo (http://poolparty.punkt.at/demozone/), Text miningText mining, sometimes alternately referred to as text data mining, roughly equivalent to text analytics, refers to the process of deriving high-quality information from text. High-quality information is typically derived through the divining of patterns and trends through means such as ..., Zthes, Enterprise linked data, Marklogic 7, PoolParty API, TaxonicTaxonic specializes in activating business knowledge in your organization. This knowledge is often an implicit factor in business processes, or is hidden in complex IT-systems. Developments in technology and in the way the industry thinks about business architecture and automating processes ..., Florian Huber, Christian Blaschke, Christian Mader

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Semantic search application, Indexing tool, Thesaurus management system

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PoolParty Extractor, PoolParty Semantic Search Server, PoolParty Thesaurus Server, PoolParty PowerTagging, PoolParty Semantic Integrator, PoolParty tutorial, PoolParty Visual Mapping

Linked data frontend for PoolParty Semantic Suite.