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01.01 CompaniesA company is a form of business organization. In the United States, a company is a corporation—or, less commonly, an association, partnership, or union—that carries on an industrial enterprise. " Generally, a company may be a "corporation, partnership, association, joint-stock ..., Web companies

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BPEngPrivate software company developing semantic solutions for business process data and application integration. (, Franz Inc., Talis GroupTalis Group Ltd. is a software company based in Solihull near Birmingham, England that develops a Semantic Web application platform and a suite of applications for the education, research and library sectors. In 2005 Talis was voted one of the top ICT Employers in the United Kingdom., AdunaSoftware company focused on development of tools for the Semantic Web initiating and driving the Sesame (RDF triple stores) project. (, OpenLink SoftwareFounded in 1992, OpenLink Software, Inc. , is a software company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. The company develops and deploys standards-compliant middleware products that cover: Transparent access to SQL data sources via ODBC and JDBC drivers, and OLE-DB, ADO. NET, and XMLA ..., semsolSoftware company situated in Germany developing solutions based on practical semantic web and Linked Data technologies., SYSTAP, LLC, TopQuadrant, metatomix, Structured Dynamics LLC, semaforaThe ontoprise GmbH is a provider of Semantic Web infrastructure technologies and products used to support dynamic semantic information integration and information management processes at the enterprise level. Its primary place of business is located at Karlsruhe, Germany., ontotextOntotext is a Bulgarian software company headquartered in Sofia. It is the semantic technology branch of Sirma Group. Its main domain of activity is the development of software products and solutions based on the Semantic Web languages and standards, in particular RDF, OWL and SPARQL., Clark & Parsia, LLC, Zemanta Inc.Zemanta is a content suggestion engine for bloggers and other content creators., TextWise, LLC, TextTech, Linguamatics Ltd, BBN TechnologiesBBN Technologies (originally Bolt, Beranek and Newman) is a high-technology company which provides research and development services. BBN is based next to Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. It is perhaps best known for its work in the development of packet switching and for its 1978 ..., punkt. netServicespunkt. netServices GmbH has offered services and products since 1998. The company is head-quartered in Vienna/Austria and currently employs 15 persons. The key aspects of activity are: * Search Engines & Knowledge Portals * Wikis & Communities * Semantic Web & Textmining Our ..., Garlik, Zepheira, 3roundstones, Revelytix, Inc., TenForceProject managment, knowledge management and semantic web consulting company situated in Belgium. (, Semantic Web Company GmbHThe Semantic Web Company (SWC), based in Vienna, provides companies, institutions and organizations with professional services related to the Semantic Web, semantic technologies and Social Software, Metaweb Technologies, Inc., Cloud of Data, Synaptica, LLC, synantics, Profium, AdaptiveBlue, Cycorp, Gnowsis, lixto, MondecaMondeca is a French software company based in Paris. The company name is derived from a place called Mont des Cats, seat of a Cistercian abbey located in French Flanders, also famous for its cheese production. The name is a cryptic reference to Marguerite Yourcenar's universe, and to a region ..., Ontos, Peer39Peer39, Inc. is an online semantic advertising company based in New York City, with research and development facilities in Israel. Peer39 claims to improve the relevance of advertising on Internet publisher websites. In July 2008, Peer39 was named one of Ten Web Startups to Watch by MIT's ..., Semantic Arts, True KnowledgeTrue Knowledge Ltd. is a Cambridge, England company, founded by William Tunstall-Pedoe, which specialises in knowledge base and semantic search engine software. Its first product was an answer engine that aimed to directly answer questions posed in plain English text, which is accomplished using ..., Uberblic LabsResearch & development company based in Berlin, Germany. We develop systems to integrate information and help our clients to make best use of data on the web. (, Cambridge Semantics Inc., Evri Inc., datagraph.org, Saltlux, Radar NetworksRadar Networks is a San Francisco based company developing semantic web applications for the general public. The company was founded in 2003 by Nova Spivack and Kristinn R. Thórisson (co-founder)., Seevl Ltd., Smart Information SystemsCompany located in Vienna developing advanced search tools based on Semantic Technology. (, hakia, OodleOodle, Inc. is a privately held local classifieds metasearch company based out of San Mateo, California. It was founded in 2004 by ex-Excite executives Craig Donato, Scott Kister and Faith Sedlin., Wowd, IO InformaticsProvides software and services for uniquely efficient data integration and transformative knowledge applications. Areas of expertise include the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medicine. (, Semteq Inc., TrustYou, Be Informed, playence, Basis Technology, Blue Ocean Semantic Web Solutions, Capsenta, FacetAppFacetApp provides OntoApp Platform to quickly build Enterprise quality semantic apps without having to write source code. Enterprise quality are those Apps that require a high level of performance, usability, security, and scalability. Semantic Apps natively store their data and program logic in ..., YarcData, Vertical Search Works, MarklogicMarkLogic Corporation is an American software business that develops and provides an enterprise NoSQL database, MarkLogic. MarkLogic is considered a multi-model NoSQL database for its ability to store, manage, and search JSON and XML documents and graph data (RDF triples). Organizations rely on ..., veeseo, DIQA Projektmanagement, TaxonicTaxonic specializes in activating business knowledge in your organization. This knowledge is often an implicit factor in business processes, or is hidden in complex IT-systems. Developments in technology and in the way the industry thinks about business architecture and automating processes ..., Siren

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