Timea Turdean

PoolParty at Connected Data London

ConnectedDataConnected Data London “brings together the Linked and Graph Data communities”.

More and more Linked Data applications seem to emerge in the business world and software companies make it part of their business plan to integrate Graph Data in their data stories or in their features.

MarkLogic is opening a new wave to how enterprise databases should be used to push over the limits of closed, rigid structures to integrate more data. Neo4j explains how you can enrich existing data and follow new connections and leads for investigations of the Panama Papers.

No wonder the communities in different locations gather to share, exchange and network around topics like Linked Data. In London, a new conference is emerging exactly for this purpose: Connected Data London. The conference sets the stage for industry leaders and early adopters as well as researchers to present their use cases and stories. You can hear talks from multiple domains about how they put Linked Data to a good use: space exploration, financial crime, bioinformatics, publishing and more.

The conference will close with an interesting panel discussion about “How to build a Connected Data capability in your organization.” You can hear from the specialists how this task is approached. And immediately after acquiring the know-how you will need a easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate software to help with your Knowledge Model creation and maintenance as well as Text Mining and Concept Annotating.

Semantic Web Company has an experienced team of professional consultants who help you in all your steps of implementing the acquired know-how together with PoolParty.

In our dedicated slot we present how a Connected Data Application is born from a Knowledge Model and which are the steps to get there.

Watch the video!

Connected Data London – London, 12th July, Holiday Inn Mayfair

Andreas Blumauer

Exploiting Big Data: Linked Data and SKOS

Yesterday I gave a webinar covering the question which role SKOS plays in the linked data game. Just the day before I discovered an interesting white paper published by Fujitsu which clearly states that linked data and SKOS are excellent approaches to ‘create additional value in linking and exploiting big data for business benefit’.

I had at least five scenarios in mind in which SKOS and linked data in general can be combined. Take a look at the slides or watch the video to find out …

  • how to publish SKOS thesauri as linked data
  • how to generate SKOS from LOD sources like DBpedia
  • how to make use of SKOS thesauri for entity extraction & content enrichment from LOD sources
  • how to use linked data mechanisms for collaborative thesaurus management
  • how to use SKOS for linked data alignment & better disambiguation
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