Thomas Thurner

Semantic-like tools to pimp your blog

Presently more and more tools come up in the Web 2.0 – Domain, which bring semantic technologies into blogger´s everyday life. Zemanta was for sure a break-through in annotation of blog entries. I’m running this service on my private and my corporate blog. It is easy to integrate in every common blog-software and it is really a save of time in my daily work. Unfortunaly it is avaible only for english blogs.

bild-2Another service which came up recently is Quintura, which provides search capabilities for your own blog with a visual map of tags or hints based on an index created of the own blog entries. It is easy to customize for the own blog’s style with the use of a simple interface. Quintura offers code-snippets to copy to your blog-post or sidebar. Even if it is no semantic search engine in the narrow sense, Quintura provide a fine semantic-like interface for a meaning-sensitive search. See how Quintura is implemented into The Semantic Puzzle at our sidebar.

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