Andreas Blumauer

Improved Customer Experience by use of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies

With the rise of Linked Data technologies, there come several new approaches into play for the improvement of customer experience across all digital channels of a company. All of these methodologies can be subsumed under the term “the connected customer”.

These are interesting not only for retailers operating a web shop, but also for enterprises seeking for new ways to develop tailor-made customer services and to increase customer retention. Continue reading

Tassilo Pellegrini

Advertising industry finally got to grips with the Semantic Web?

That the Semantic Web is based on “concepts” not on terms is maybe a small but nevertheless mind-blowing insight when it gets to assess its potential for the advertising industry. And this is especially true for semantic search advertising. Scott Provost from Powerset made this very clear when he spoke at this year’s Search Engine Strategies in San Jose. In his words taken from a recent epiphany post:

If people aren’t bidding on keywords and are bidding on concepts, it could completely change the ball game.

A similar point is stressed by Kartal Guner, chief architect of at a Search Engine Rountable on August 18, 2008. Accordingly, Search Engine Optimizers will focus on content not just key words in the near future.

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